The NY Streets Weigh In On Super Bowl 53

01/31/2019 3:07 PM -

By Peter Schwartz


When the NY Streets hit the gridiron this spring for their inaugural season, the goal will be to have a team that can compete for and win the 2019 National Arena League championship.   But before we can turn our attention, completely, to the upcoming indoor season, there’s still an important outdoor….well make that an important 100 yard field game that will take place indoors under a retractable roof.


This Sunday, the AFC Champion New England Patriots battle the NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53 at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.  The Patriots will be playing in the big game for the 11th time and 9th time during the Brady/Belichick era.  New England is in search of their 6th Vince Lombardi Trophy while the Rams are playing in the Super Bowl for the 4th time in Los Angeles/St. Louis/Los Angeles franchise history and they’re looking for their 2nd World Championship.  


So who’s going to win?  


Will the Patriots, playing in their third straight Super Bowl, continue their dynasty?  


Will the Rams, in their third season back in Los Angeles, complete a true Hollywood story?


For some bold and fearless predictions, I asked a few members of the NY Streets organization to share their thoughts on the big game.  For the first prediction, I went straight to the top!


“I’ve got the Rams and (running back Todd) Gurley,” said Streets owner Corey Galloway. The Pats are always formidable, but (defensive ends Aaron) Donald and (Ndamukong) Suh will be the difference in the game.”


So Galloway is going with the new kids on the block taking the Rams.  There are many in the football world who feel the same way but it looks like the owner might be alone on an island in the Streets organization.


“The two GOATS (Patriots quarterback Tom) Brady and (Head Coach Bill) Belichick,” said Streets Head Coach Rick Marsilio.  All roads go through New England until one retires or leaves!”


There seems to be a growing sentiment within the New York Streets family that the Patriots are going to win it all yet again.  


“The Patriots,” said Streets Director of Player Personnel Devale Ellis.  “Experience, coaching, and Tom Brady. If the offensive line can slow down the Rams defensive front, the Patriots win.”


There’s another pick for the Patriots but so far nobody had actually gone out on a limb with a score.  But I wasn’t done in my search for predictions and my patience paid off with a pretty comprehensive look into a crystal ball.


“I'm going with a 31-24 Patriots win,” said Bernard Frederic of the Streets’ front office. (Bill) Belichick is going to out-scheme the young (Rams Head Coach Sean) McVay and will have (Rams quarterback Jared) Goff confused the whole night. Patriots defensive backs will play super physical and will be grabbing all night but they'll get away with it which will force the Rams offense to go to an all-ground game I think. Brady gets the ball with two minutes left and marches down the field for the game winning touchdown.”


As a Jets fan, I’d love to pick the Rams to win and I’m certainly rooting for them, but I’m going with my brain (could be a questionable decision) over my heart and I’m picking the Patriots.  I think experience will play a big role in this game and the only way the Rams can win is by putting tons of pressure on Brady.


I just don’t think that’s going to happen.


Well Streets fans, enjoy the game on Sunday and know that when the Super Bowl is over, there’s more football right around the corner.  That’s when the Streets hit the field for the 2019 NAL season in April.