06/04/2019 12:35 PM -

By Peter Schwartz

On Wednesday, a press conference will be held to announce a partnership between the Streets, Yonkers Public Schools and Yonkers My Brother’s Keeper that will provide mentoring, literacy support for emerging readers and an empowerment program that will benefit several hundred students in grades one through twelve.  

As part of the agreement, there will also be a youth football clinic for about 100 high school football players that will be held on Wednesday June 12th at Roosevelt High School from 3pm to 5pm.  The clinic will be led by the Streets’ coaches with support from Yonkers football coaches.  

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to get our staff and players out in the community,” said Streets Head Coach Rick Marsilio.  “Anytime our staff and players can help local communities and neighborhoods is a win-win.”

The clinic, as well as the other components of the agreement that will also include a town hall community discussion on Wednesday July 17th, is designed to introduce the Streets and the sport of Arena Football to young players and fans in the community.  With an opportunity to learn fundamentals of the game from the Streets’ coaches and players and to be able to meet their local heroes, the clinic is an important part of the franchise’s mission statement.

“The youth is so important to how we change the world we live in,” said Streets Owner Corey Galloway.  “Our goals have always been to be in the community and make indoor football accessible to those who can’t afford to witness NFL football.”

Since Arena Football first arrived on the sports scene in 1987, millions of fans across the country have been able to experience the high-scoring and fast-paced excitement of the fifty yard indoor war.   New York has had other Arena Football teams in the past and those clubs, especially the New York Dragons, took part in many community outreach efforts.

The Streets are taking a similar approach and that is to try and expose the sport to as many young fans as possible.  With the Streets being the first New York based Arena Football team to call Westchester County home and by practicing in Brooklyn where they have another opportunity to grow their fan base, the franchise will use clinics and partnerships like this one in Yonkers to make sure that many kids will be able experience Streets Football at the County Center.

“The best way to keep our sport around for a long time is to get kids interested at a young age,” said Marsilio. “Our players will share some stories about how they got to where they are today.  It’s a great opportunity for our staff and players to share what #STREETLIFE is all about.”

As part of the partnership, the Streets are going to teach kids all about Arena Football at the clinic but they are also going to take part in a weekly reading program where players will read to students in second and third grade.  A professional sports franchise certainly has to be committed to winning games, but the New York Streets are already winners for their immediately commitment to being a strong part of their community.

The Streets are back in action next weekend as they return home to the Westchester County Center in White Plains on Saturday afternoon June 8th to battle the defending NAL champion Carolina Cobras in a 3pm kickoff.  If you can’t make it out to the game, join me along with Will Holder for all of the play by play on the MSG Network as well as on the National Arena League’s YouTube channel.

New York Streets individual game tickets are available at  For season and group ticket information, call 1-833-697-8733 and choose extension one.