07/30/2019 1:49 PM -

By Peter Schwartz

New York had been without an Arena Football team since the New York Dragons of the AFL folded following the 2008 season.  Eleven years later, indoor football returned this year when Corey and Tamara Galloway founded the New York Streets, one of two expansion teams this year in the National Arena League.  

It was a season of excitement, learning, and disappointment, but the Streets’ inaugural season served as the foundation for what is expected to be a franchise that can compete for championships in the very near future, something that all other Arena Football teams in the New York/New Jersey area in the past were not able to do.

It was certainly an eventful 2019 campaign and I had the chance to chat about it with owner Corey Galloway during a recent phone conversation.

PS:  Now that the season is over, how happy were you with the Streets’ inaugural campaign in the NAL and being able to bring Arena Football back to New York? 

CG: “To be able to execute and get it off the paper and actually have really be in existence and play games, that was a great feeling to execute as much as everyone…the naysayers and doubters saying that we weren’t going to be able to pull it off.  It was very exciting and I was very happy to not just put a team out there but the first eight or nine games, we were competitive in every game. I’m very happy with the group of men that we put together and their competitive nature.”

PS: Is there a defining moment from this season that will resonate with you?

CG: “Yes I think the Orlando home opener (70-31 win) was just…that was our best game.  We clicked on defense. We clicked on offense. We were on MSG. I was like wow okay we’re here.”

PS: How happy were you with the corporate partners that were on board with the Streets’ 2019 season?

CG: “Our last game, from a partner point of view, there was a lot happening during the game.  It looked really good with our broadcast partner as well. I was happy to hear that every one of our partners want to return.  From a partner point of view, I was very happy with those relationships and continuing down the road with those relationships.”

PS:  What did it mean to have a television agreement with MSG as an expansion team?

CG: “it was a great talking point with our partners knowing that we are broadcasting.  There are two hard things to do in New York…one is broadcast and one is getting an arena so we were able to do both.  Those are the two pillars of saying that you’ve arrived so I’m very happy about that.”

PS: The Streets were able attract some tremendous players this season.  How happy were you with the ability to sign some top players in your first season?

CG: “I was very happy with those athletes.  I was happy with their performance and I think it’s something that people should know that we are going to be able to have some great people and be competitive in the future for next season.” 

PS: How important was Head Coach Rick Marsilio in year one and now heading into year two in terms of building the franchise?

CG: “Because Rick and I already had a relationship, it was really easy for us to communicate and say hey here’s what we want to do and how we want to do it and Rick being able to execute on the strategy was really good.  We’re very happy with our relationship on what the team was going to provide this year. He identified all the right guys.”

PS: How unfortunate was it that the Streets were hurt by injuries in 2019?

CG: “We were decimated by injuries, specifically in the secondary.  “If we had our secondary as good as we had it the first three games, we’d be going into the playoffs right now.  

PS: As you look towards 2020, what’s your vision on what the Streets will need during the off-season?

CG: “I think next year will be a lot bigger and a lot better and way more professional on our gameday staff and our front office.”

PS: After calling the Westchester County Center home in 2019, what are the plans for 2020 in terms of a home arena?

CG: “We’d like to play in an arena that fits the traditional arena league game and we’re working with all parties to make sure that we can have an arena that fits the traditional arena league game.”

It’s a huge task to launch a professional sports franchise so congratulations to Corey and Tamara Galloway for launching the New York Streets in 2019 and for having the vision to bring Arena Football back to New York.  

Stay tuned to for more interviews as part of our 2019 season in review series.  

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